On 19 February, the PIA held its first Breakfast Meeting of 2020, with Cummins South Pacific hosting the event at its head office in Scoresby, Melbourne. Over 40 people attended, hearing presentations from Cummins and Macquarrie about engines, controls, panels and associated equipment for pumping systems.

James Balnnin, PIA Vice President, opened the meeting and provided attendees with an overview of recent PIA activities, including an update on the revision of the Pump Technical Handbook and the Pipe Friction Handbook, as well as plans for future Breakfast Meetings and training courses for 2020.

He also thanked Bryce Colville, Regional Sales Manager – Industrial at Cummins South Pacific, for hosting and organising the event.

PIA Vice President, James Blannin, and Bryce Colville, Regional Sales Manager – Industrial at Cummins South Pacific, organised the event.

Following the opening presentation, attendees heard from Sam Jones, Sales Executive Victoria, and Simon Rigopoulos, Applications Engineer at Cummins South Pacific.

Sam provided an introduction to Cummins South Pacific, talking about what the company does and the range it has to offer, including its CustomPak and ComPak ranges.

Simon spoke more on the technical side of the products, explaining some of the various features and what engineering expertise Cummins can provide customers to ensure they’re getting the right engine for their requirements.

The key takeaway for attendees being that the equipment Cummins provides extends beyond what is in the brochure, and that they will find a solution if a client requires something different.

Attendees were engaged with the presentations, asking questions throughout the presentation about the products.

Attendees were treated to a facility tour, where they got to see and ask questions about the products

Jackson Hayes, Head of Engineering & Sales at Maquarrie Corporation, also did a short presentation about Macquarrie, and what it does and can offer, as well as its relationship with Cummins and the pump industry in general.

Following the presentations, attendees were given a tour of part of the Cummins South Pacific facility. The highlight of the tour was getting to see the various ComPak models available and having a chance to ask further questions about the range.

Attendees also took this chance to further mingle with others to discuss all things  pump related.

The tour and Breakfast Meeting finished with attendees seeing other products from Cummins, including those for truck and fire applications, as well as its massive QSK95 diesel generator, nicknamed the ‘Hedgehog’.

Simon Rigopoulos, Applications Engineer, and Sam Jones, Sales Executive Victoria at Cummins South Pacific presented at the PIA Breakfast Meeting.

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