An upgrade to the Glenmore High Lift Water Pump Station in Queensland is now complete, with the pump station now able to withstand natural disasters.

As part of the upgrade, the pump station now has a diesel generator capable of supplying backup power to the entire water treatment plant site.

The upgrade also Includes electrical and mechanical upgrade of the pump station, four new high efficiency pumps, new transformers and electrical switchboards.

The new pumps have an increased pumping capacity which will enable the pump station to supply at least 140ML.

Chair of Rockhampton Regional Council’s Water Committee, Neil Fisher said the site’s addition is a proactive approach to future natural disasters and ensuring sufficient water supply for the community.

“Last month the newly installed generator was tested and we’re very happy with the results,” Mr Fisher said.

“The results have shown that the generator can independently provide enough power for the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant and associated pump stations to produce and distribute at least 60 megalitres of drinking water each day to the community- which is more than the average daily water consumption of the community.”

Mr Fisher said the project is another example of Fitzroy River Water working to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for the region.

“It’s a very impressive level of post-disaster contingency for the Rockhampton and Gracemere communities as well as the adjoining Livingstone Shire Council that receive water from the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant,” Mr Fisher said.

“This great outcome means that in future events similar to TC Marcia, the site will be able to operate continuously during power outages to meet the water supply needs of the community.”

The generator is part of a $9.3million upgrade of the facility which has achieved a complete electrical and mechanical upgrade.

Further improvements include a reduction in power consumption for the site of up to 30 per cent.

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