Accounting for around 98 per cent of Australia’s Economic Demonstrated Resources (EDR) of iron ore (about 28 billion tonnes) and as the largest supplier to the global seaborne iron ore trade, the iron ore mines in the Pilbara region of Western Australia are a leading powerhouse for the Australian economy. These mines are at the forefront of best practice for efficiency and safety, and – along with other Australian mines as a whole – are highly rated across the world for their skilled processing and ore extraction techniques. Crusader Hose, an innovative Australian manufacturer, has produced a world-first flexible rising main for ultra-deep bores – Flexibore® 400 – to help support Australia’s mining industry remain world-class.

Submersible pump securely attached to Flexibore hose ready for installation.

Crusader Hose, a Melbourne-based company with over 35 years in manufacturing layflat hose, has a strong connection with the mining, pump and drilling industries, having built relationships with players in these sectors over many years through industry networks, site visits and trade shows.

As a result, Francois Steverlynck, the Managing Director for 30 years, understands the importance of water extraction in mining operations.

“Mines are extending and digging deeper, and are, therefore, reliant on water transfer systems which can handle the greater pressures at these deeper depths,” Francois said.

Manufacturing the highest pressure layflat hose in the world

A recent breakthrough by the Research and Development Team has been the development of ultra-high-pressure hose for the extraction of bore water. Several years in the making, this breakthrough was made possible by a series of upgrades along the manufacturing chain.

Apart from loom modifications, the polyester fibre used in weaving the textile reinforcement is of a higher calibre than what is used in lower-pressure Flexibore® products; the tenacity of these higher-calibre fibres is unparalleled.

The $1 million investment in a new extruder system has brought world-class quality to this very important process. As a result, the Flexibore® 400 series hose is the highest pressure layflat hose in the world for groundwater pumping, boasting a burst pressure of 100 bar or 1000m.

Groundwater now can be safely pumped from 400m below.

160kW pump and power cable on truck.

Committed to supporting mining operations

Power cable securely snaked along the Flexibore hose

Crusader Hose is committed to supporting mining and the Australian economy by investing in technology to design and manufacture world-class hose systems for both vertical and horizontal dewatering.

“Flexible rising mains such as Flexibore®, have been the system of choice for many Australian mines for in-pit bores due to the simplicity with which the submersible pumps can be retrieved and installed,” said Francois.

The typical installation method uses a roller, crane or mechanised spool, as the riser pipe is one continuous length. In the most recent installation, after the 380m of hose was laid out and power cables were attached, the 160kW pump was lifted by a crane then lowered 15-25m at a time by repositioning the lifting clamps along the hose. This system has proved to be less time-consuming and arduous than using steel or
fibreglass pipe.

“The Flexibore® 400 is a pioneering achievement in the history of our company, which we believe is a world first,” said Francois. “This Australian development will hopefully be keenly adopted by more mining companies, to enable them to keep at the forefront of productivity and profitability.”

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