An application to increase gold ore processing rates at the Cadia mine south-west of Orange (NSW) has been approved by the Department of Planning and Environment. The project approval will also include upgrades and expansions of processing equipment, including pumps.

The approval permits an increase in processing from 27 million tonnes a year of ore to 32 million tonnes.

A spokesperson from the project has said, “The proposed changes would allow the Cadia mine to increase production, and help maintain its role as a leading employer in the region.

“The mine currently employs around 880 people, and the proposed changes would create an additional 20 jobs during construction of the new facilities.

“There will be no change to the size of the area being used by the mine under current approvals, and there will also be no increase to the approved life of the mine.

“A number of environmental reviews were carried out as part of the assessment of this project, to determine any potential impacts.

“Those reviews found that the mine would be able to continue to operate within its existing dust and noise limits. It would also not require any additional water access licences.

“The application was put on public exhibition in April and May and resulted in 21 public and agency submissions, which have helped inform the conditions of consent,” the spokesperson said.

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