Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW) will release water out of Lake Boga from mid March as part of its role as the Victorian Mid-Murray Storages (VMMS).

G-MW General Manager Retail & Operations, Charlotte Bartrum-Terrill said while over the last two years river conditions have not required a release from the VMMS system, this year will be the first year that water will be released from Lake Boga as part of its role as a Mid-Murray Storage.

“The wetter conditions over the last couple of years have removed the need for pumping from Lake Boga. However with the higher demand this year, releases from Lake Charm have been occurring intermittently  over several months and now the Northern Victorian Resource Manager is planning to operate the temporary pumping station at Lake Boga,” Charlotte said.

“250 ML will be pumped per day via the Pump Station at the north end of the lake. This release rate will lower the lake progressively by approximately 2-3 cm per day until it reaches its target level of 45% of capacity,” said Charlotte.

The capture, store and release process will also aid the longer term process of lowering the salinity in Lake Boga.

“When there are sufficient flows in the River Murray, water will be diverted back into Lake Boga progressively during winter and spring this year in accordance with the Annual Operating Plan.” added Charlotte.

The VMMS is made up of four storages: Kow Swamp, Lake Charm, Kangaroo Lake and Lake Boga. The storages are used to reduce water supply capacity shortfalls in peak demands periods on the River Murray through the Mid-Murray Storages Project.

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