The Australian Government’s $100 million On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme will provide funding for farmers in the Northern Territory to install drought resilient infrastructure including pipes, tanks, pumps and bores.

Minister for Resources and Water, Keith Pitt, said the participation of the Northern Territory in the extension of the scheme will continue to support livestock farmers to invest in drought resilient infrastructure.

“Now that the Northern Territory Government has signed on, we’re encouraging farmers across the Territory to invest now to reduce the impact of droughts in the future,” Mr Pitt said.

“Livestock farmers can install a wide range of on-farm infrastructure, from pipes, tanks and troughs to pumps and bores that will allow more efficient distribution of water to livestock and permanent plantings.

“This is a great opportunity to back our farmers now as we work together towards the goal of achieving a sector that is worth $100 billion in 2030.

“The initial scheme provided drought affected Northern Territory farmers with Australian Government funds of $2.65 million.

“The Australian Government has stepped up again to provide an extra $200,000, matched by the Northern Territory Government, under the extension of the scheme.

“The funding amount was agreed based upon advice from the Territory Government to cater to expected program demand. If extra funds are required to meet increased demand these can be requested.

“The Commonwealth will also reimburse the Northern Territory $346,839 for rebates that were paid to 14 drought affected farmers after the initial scheme was oversubscribed in the Northern Territory.”

Northern Territory Minister for Agribusiness and Aquaculture, Nicole Manison, said the extension of the scheme in Northern Territory would provide further support for pastoralists and cattle producers.

“This is good news for our livestock farmers in the Northern Territory and the rest of the country, as we all work together to drought-proof our very valuable agricultural industry,” Ms Manison said.

“The rebates provided under the scheme will assist Territory farmers to reduce the impacts of drought and prepare their farms for drier conditions.

“Under the extended scheme, $400,000 is available to Northern Territory livestock farmers through the combined contributions of the Australian and Northern Territory Governments.”

The expanded investment under the extension recognises the popularity of the scheme. Eligible farmers can claim up to 25 per cent of the eligible infrastructure costs, capped at $25,000, with Northern Territory and the Australian Government contributing half each.

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