The WA State government is working towards discovering potential new water sources in Gascoyne. Initial searches will be undertaken by airborne surveys.

Water Minister Mia Davies said the survey – which was part of the State Government’s Water for Food program – would take place throughout the week and would uncover crucial information about the region’s groundwater resources.

“The aerial survey will record data on the geology of the area, the depth of the groundwater table and groundwater salinity,” Ms Davies said.

“This information is vital to understanding the quality and availability of groundwater resources in the region and the findings will help determine the potential for further investigations.”

As part of the survey a helicopter will fly about 90 metres above the ground with a coil hanging 60 metres below it, which is able to record information up to 100 metres below the surface.

The aerial survey will define the scale and quality of the alluvial aquifers between Rocky Pool and the Kennedy Ranges, which is not yet fully understood.

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said Water for Food was a $40 million investment to accelerate water investigations across Western Australia, made possible by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

“Identifying reliable, quality water supplies that can sustain irrigation will open up new opportunities for regional Western Australia,” Mr Redman said.

“Water for Food is a major part of the Government’s unprecedented investment in the agricultural sector under the $300 million Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture initiative, which aims to strengthen regional communities where agriculture is a major economic activity.”

Fact file

  • Aerial electromagnetic technology sends an electromagnetic pulse into the ground and the return signal provides information about local groundwater systems
  • Rocky Pool and the Kennedy Ranges are upstream of the Carnarvon horticultural district
  • For more information, visit

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