Graphite Metallizing Corporation, the manufacturer of self-lubricating Graphalloy® bushing materials, has announced the success of its bushings in liquid oxygen pumps.

The manufacturer of cryogenic, two-stage pumps, needed a non-galling bearing material that could survive shaft contact, be oxygen compatible, and perform in cryogenic temperatures. They contacted Graphite Metallizing Corporation and a Graphalloy nickel-grade bushing was recommended. 

Graphalloy materials are non-galling and self-lubricating, which allows for tighter clearances and improved pump efficiency.

After nearly six years, the original production units, as well as several new units, are running smoothly.

The Graphalloy bushings greatly increased the service life of these pumps. More information about the application is available on the Graphalloy website.

Graphalloy, a graphite-metal alloy, is available in over 100 grades with specific properties that meet a wide range of engineering solutions and specifications. Graphalloy bearings have operated for 20 years and longer in some applications. Common applications for Graphalloy bushings include pumps, wastewater, ovens, dryers, dampers/louvers, kilns, conveyors, submerged, and more.

NSF® and WRAS grades of Graphalloy material are also available for use in municipal well pumps and water treatment plant applications.

To discuss your application further with Graphalloy sales engineers, contact

This sponsored editorial was brought to you by Graphalloy. For more information about Graphite Metallizing and its products, please visit or call +1-914-968-8400.

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