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Central Highlands Water (CHW) has finished installing a 1km pipeline as part of its Ballarat North Trunk Sewer Project. 

Central Highlands Water (CHW) said its project team will commence pressure testing the pipeline, which includes CCTV camera inspections and commissioning. 

The pipeline will connect to the existing sewer network at the Ballarat North Reclamation Plant, where the wastewater is treated to become Class A recycled water and used to irrigate local community recreational reserves.  

The recycled water will be used to ensure the community spaces stay green while saving precious drinking water and is designed to futureproof the wastewater infrastructure for the planned Ballarat Northern Growth Area. 

The $3 million project will contribute to securing the wastewater needs of the planned 6,000 houses and 15,000 residents, where the City of Ballarat identified Mount Rowan and Miners Rest as the preferred location for long-term growth for Ballarat. 

The Ballarat Showgrounds’ new premises in Mount Rowan and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) Mount Rowan Office and Regional Depot facility will connect to the new pipeline providing these facilities with their wastewater needs. 

Project overview 

  • Construction of a 1km gravity sewer piping that is 525mm in diameter  
  • A $3 million project investment 
  • Contributing to the development of 6,000 new houses and 15,000 residents 
  • Servicing the relocated Ballarat Showgrounds in Mount Rowan, DEECA Mount Rowan Office and Regional Depot Development facility 

CHW Managing Director, Jeff Haydon, said, “The Ballarat North Trunk Sewer is an important project, providing essential services to the region and as part of the Ballarat Northern Growth Area. With 6,000 houses planned in this area, securing the wastewater needs is vital to supporting upwards of 15,000 new residents to the Ballarat community. 

“This project is a great example of Central Highlands Water’s partnership approach, working with the City of Ballarat and other important stakeholders on a proactive integrated wastewater management plan.” 

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