Global water technology company Grundfos is undergoing a reorganisation of its sales, marketing, technology and operations functions, which will involve cutting 600 jobs worldwide.

The change has been designed to create a more customer centric structure, where the whole value chain is focused on meeting customers’ unique needs by focusing on four different customer segments: Water Utility, Commercial Building Services, Domestic Building Services, and Industry.

It comes in response to trends in changing customer needs by reorganising for simplicity and speed, and by investing significantly into innovation and digital capabilities.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on markets globally in the first half of 2020, Grundfos said it is making these changes from a position of strength.

Jens Moberg, Chairman of the Holding Board of Directors, said, “Our strong performance allows us to make these changes from a position of strength. 

“Now is the right time for us to make the changes to put our strategy into action.”

The transformation will result in a reduction of approximately 600 employees worldwide, but Grundfos said it will treat its employees with the utmost respect and provide them with support.

“It will be very sad to see some of our colleagues leave us at this pivotal time, and I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and loyalty,” Mr Moberg said.

“We will make sure to care for them as they have cared for us and our customers during their time with Grundfos.

“I am proud of the company we are today, built by Grundfos people on the firm foundations of the Poul Due Jensen family. 

“Since the birth of the business back in 1945 we have changed many times to ensure our success. 

“Now is no different, we are taking these important moves to proactively put our strategy into action and better fulfil our purpose.”

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