Properties throughout the central Victorian town of Heathcote have begun connecting to Coliban Water’s expanded sewer network following the construction of a new sewer pump station and installation of 10km of new sewer mains.

Manager Infrastructure, Corey Bourne, said that the $5 million Heathcote Sewer Scheme Project has reached a major milestone, with the construction of the new sewer mains now complete.

“Property owners in the Bennett Street area and part of the Redleaf Close area have been able to connect to the new sewer system. Testing and commissioning in the remainder of the Redleaf Close and Argyle area has now begun with these properties to receive notification to connect in the new year,” Mr Bourne said.

Seven properties in the Argyle area will be connecting to the new sewerage system, with pressure sewer pumps currently being installed.

The infrastructure installed in the project will ensure more of the Heathcote community receives safe wastewater services.

“The City of Greater Bendigo identified areas of Heathcote at risk of public health and environmental impacts from septic tanks,” Mr Bourne said.

“Our project ensures wastewater is safely contained and transported to our Heathcote Water Reclamation Plant where it is treated to a standard where it can be reused for irrigation purposes.

“Around 150 properties are expected to connect with further connections planned as vacant lots are developed,” said Mr Bourne.

The project included the building of a sewer pump station in Craven Crescent, and a section of sewer main that needed to be installed under McIvor Creek.

“We had to trench to a depth of four metres on the banks of the creek to install the sewer main because the ground conditions beneath the creek were unsuitable for boring.

“Before we could trench we obtained environmental permits from the City of Greater Bendigo and the North Central Catchment Management Authority, and cultural heritage approval from the Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation.

“Around 30 per cent of the pipeline has been installed using boring or directional drilling, a trenchless method that reduces the need for excavation.

“Some of the earth that has been excavated has been put to good use after we received a request for some earth from the Heathcote Cemetery Trust.

“Our contractors, Steve Standen Drainage, delivered around 40 truckloads to the cemetery and were able to excavate some good top soil before delivering. Some of topsoil has been used by our contractors for reinstatement works,” Mr Bourne said.

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