The ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) is adding a new truck containing a high capacity pump to its fleet to better respond to emergencies and bolster its ability to quickly reduce flood waters.

ACT Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Mick Gentleman, said the new three person truck had arrived just in time for the summer storm season and was the first of its kind within the ACTSES.

“The ACT Government has delivered a new truck with a high capacity pump that will help to reduce the impact of flood waters in the ACT,” Mr Gentleman.

“It can pump up to 6,000 litres of water a minute and will assist dramatically with large urban flooding, especially within underground car parks and basements.

“We have provided $98,000 funding for the new truck to give ACTSES greater capability when responding to emergencies including flooding, storms and fires.”

Newly appointed Chief Officer ACTSES, Anthony Draheim, said the high capacity pump previously had to be deployed using two vehicles due to the weight of the trailer and equipment.

“Having the ability to send one vehicle instead will increase emergency services capability and response time,” Chief Officer Draheim said.

“The vehicle will go to great use in the ACT. When not responding to major flood incidents, it can be used for storm reconnaissance, logistics deliveries, field welfare and bush and grass fire response.

“During the fire season, the pump can be used to refill RFS tankers with water. This will be instrumental in keeping our fire trucks on the fire line.

“Canberrans should take comfort in the fact that our highly skilled members can now provide an even greater level of protection and service.”

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