The world market for industrial IE4 low voltage motors was estimated to be worth $114.7 million in 20132, with nearly 260,000 units shipped1. IE4 motors sold for pumping applications has been the fastest growing and highest valued IE4 motor application segment, generating $31.4 million in revenues with over 90,000 units shipped in 2013. This market has continued to grow strongly and its steady growth is expected to continue into 2018.

Lafert Electric Motors, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of IE4 and IE5 high performance (HP) electric motors, has won the contract to supply its HP motors to two of the largest pump manufacturers in the US.

HPS stand alone motor 3000 min-1

These multi-million dollar contracts will ensure Lafert remains one of the most important IE4 and IE5 motor manufacturers for the foreseeable future.

This uniquely engineered product combines the electrical design of brushless servo motors with the mechanical design of AC induction motors. The result is a compact motor primarily designed for the HVAC and pump industries where there is an emphasis on reducing the operating cost or weight, and size of the motor.

The high operating efficiency offered by Lafert’s PM Synchronous Motor leads to lower electricity consumption costs. The uniquely efficient design also improves the life of this motor, thereby reducing potential down time and refitting costs. The motor meets the IE4 efficiency class at all operating speeds, making it one of the most efficient electric motors available in the European market.

Lafert HP motors have an increased starting torque when compared to a standard 3 phase induction motor. The reason for this is because of the permanent magnets which also assists the current draw at reduced speeds, so when motor speed is decreased, the current drops away significantly to virtually no current draw at all.

Peter Harrington, Managing Director of Lafert Australia, said, “Our goal is to assure our clients and partners that the technology developed by Lafert is the right choice for today and, more importantly, for the future. For Lafert, it is essential to meet the demand for improved levels of efficiency in view of an increasingly green-oriented market.”

Efficiency values referred to the variable torque requirement (pump application)

Horizontal pumps

  • Sensorless PM Synchronous Motor
  • Rated speed: 1500-1800-3000-3600-4500 rpm
  • Rated power: 0.55 to 30 kW
  • Frame sizes: 71 – 90 – 112 – 132
  • CASCADE mode (CANBus or RS485)
  • Input/output signal for pressure transducer

Vertical pumps

  • Sensorless PM Synchronous Motor
  • Energy saving and optimised flow/pressure control
  • Variable speed grants more control modes
  • Continuous operation increases comfort
  • Possibility to apply cascade control

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1 The World Market for IE4 low-voltage Motors – 2015 Edition

2 Ibid

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