Masterflow Solutions is a specialised supplier of customised equipment to heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries throughout Australia. A range of Sectional Panel Tanks made of highly durable material is now available.

Masterflow Solutions stocks a range of GRP Sectional Panel Tanks made from sheet molding compound. Created using hydraulic hot presses under high temperature, these tanks are made to withstand high pressure conditions. The panel tanks demonstrate excellent resilience to corrosion thanks to their stainless steel interior and plated steel finish.

The Sectional Panel Tank can be utilised in several applications and can be installed however tight or difficult the surrounding environment is. The company also offers a pre-insulated panel to reduce heat loss during system operations. Because of the sectional design, tanks can be constructed in irregular shapes to go around pillars and other obstructions.

Masterflow’s panels and their related parts conform to international water quality standards, namely:

  • Certificate of Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (UK)
  • Certificate of Productivity and Standard Board Water Pressure Test
  • ISO9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certification
  • FDA Certification

Masterflow Panel Tank features and benefits

Following are some features of the Masterflow Sectional Panel Tank:

  • Hygienic – Masterflow’s panel tanks are completely opaque. This prevents any light passing through its panels. Opaque panel tanks also hamper the growth of algae and other micro-organisms.
  • Water tightness – Masterflow water tanks have a self-sealing feature that eliminates the possibility of panel separation and prevents leakage
  • Complete Drainage – Masterflow bottom panels concave drain panel design allows complete and efficient drainage, which is great for maintenance inside the water tank
  • Safety of water pressure – Unlike other tank types where water pressure can loosen the joints, breaking the seal and allowing water to leak out, Masterflow Convex bottom panel tank seals will hold the water pressure created by filling joints preventing leakage

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