When procuring a pump, upfront cost is often a major consideration in the decision-making process. However, according to a report issued by the Victorian Government, the initial cost accounts for less than ten per cent of the lifecycle cost, with energy and maintenance making up the bulk of these costs at between 50 and 95 per cent. Therefore, it is important to consider the long-term costs when selecting a pump to get the most cost-effective solution. Here, we look at what factors can influence and maximise the lifecycle cost of your pump.

While there are inevitable costs that are hard to control such as environmental, disposal and installation costs, end users can realise long-term savings with reduced maintenance, energy costs and downtime.

Selecting a pump: quality over cost

One important choice when selecting a pump that will influence its lifecycle costs is the quality of the equipment. A quality, reliable, well-built pump will likely have a lower lifecycle cost than a cheaper, lightweight pump.

Going for a cheaper option may result in a lesser quality product, especially if the materials selected are not suitable for the application. If this is the case, lifecycle costs can quickly increase as there is a higher chance of premature failure or unexpected servicing and replacement costs.

Along with materials, a high-quality product will have gone through rigorous testing to ensure it will run reliably and will be defect-free at the time of purchase.

Another area where quality can be realised is through the level of customer service you receive from the manufacturer. A manufacturer with top quality service will be able to provide prompt technical support to help troubleshoot any problems so that minimal downtime is experienced and that the pump is back to operating efficiently as soon as possible.

Companies with quality customer service will also be able to provide an expert opinion when selecting a pump to ensure it will be the best fit for your application so you can realise long-term cost savings.

Getting the right size pump

Selecting a correctly sized pump is imperative to reduce lifecycle costs. While it might be tempting to get a smaller pump to reduce costs or a larger pump to account for possible higher pumping requirements, these will ultimately result in higher costs in the long term.

An undersized pump will result in reduced water efficiency, while an oversized pump will have a higher installation cost, as well as higher energy usage and wear rate, so more frequent maintenance will be required.

Therefore, selecting a pump that is correctly sized to meet your exact needs will ensure the best energy efficiency and least energy wastage, and will have optimal lifespan and reliability.

Maximising energy efficiency

For applications such as irrigation where variable speed and flow rates may be needed, investing in a pump with a variable frequency drive (VFD) will help reduce lifecycle costs.

VFDs can be programmed to run the pumps at a certain speed and flow rate for different connected zones so that it is always running to its best efficiency point (BEP).

While a VFD will increase the initial cost of the pump, if the pump is not running to its BEP, it will experience increased wear and require more frequent maintenance and parts replacement, and have high energy consumption.

Quality and reliability at the heart of Franklin Electric Malcolm Eyre, Managing Director at Franklin Electric, said the company understands its customers need for products that are durable and long lasting to ensure optimal lifecycle costs.

“Nothing less than having the highest quality products and service are acceptable for our customers, because anything else is too

“That is why we are committed to the manufacture of high-quality, reliable products in our facilities in the US, Germany and Italy. With solid engineering, our products are designed to stand the test of time.

“We also have a rigorous testing program. In our laboratories, we test the products for performance and endurance before they leave the manufacturing facility.”

Franklin Electric also places a high value on customer service and is committed to finding customers the best solution for their application, and providing prompt customer support to troubleshoot any problems.

“We value our customers and will go out of our way to make sure their pumps remain running at their best so the greatest value for lifecycle costs can be realised.”

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