caprari bearings

Maximum resistance and extreme reliability for the MAC6, MAC8 and MAC10 submersible motors.

Innovating to discover increasingly efficient solutions for water management is a fundamental part of Caprari’s core business.

Thanks to its internal research and development division and production capabilities, the Modena-based industrial group is able to offer highly efficient and reliable products.

Each new solution is designed to meet a specific market demand in the most effective and technologically advanced way. With this objective in mind, Caprari internally develops exclusive patents aimed at improving the performance of its products.

Starting from the design stage, the company pays the utmost attention to all the measures that can improve the life of the product and has patented several devices like Defender®, Easy Check, Sand-Out system, Smart-Fix system, ConnectoFlex, HT coupling and HT-High thrust bearing that protect the pump and extend the product lifecycle, reducing its environmental impact and overall costs for the end user.

The MAC series submersible motors have significantly increased performance thanks to the innovative HT-High thrust bearing, patented exclusively by Caprari (Caprari International Patent), with margins of tolerance that make the device extremely reliable in all conditions of use.

Today, the HT-High thrust bearing is present in MAC6 submersible motors, as well as in the MAC8 and MAC10 larger-sized motors, both in cast iron and stainless steel versions.

This special patent allows obtaining a more durable product and improved axial load resistance.

Its performance provides the motor with a structural oversizing with respect to the actual thrust that the wet end generates, even during operation transients.

To achieve this result, the cage, supports and skids have been completely redesigned on new concepts. With the same dimensions, the HT thrust bearing withstands at least three times the load of a traditional Mitchell bearing.

Thanks to its exclusive and diversified know-how, Caprari provides complete solutions for every major water requirement, including collection from deep wells, wastewater and drain water lifting, water supply and distribution for residential, industrial and agricultural purposes and various water treatment applications.

Innovation and reliability of exclusive products, and services dedicated to the customer; these are the strategic assets that have always distinguished Caprari.

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