Heat transfer specialist, HRS Heat Exchangers Limited, has announced that it will be opening new offices in Australia in January 2014. The offices will extend HRS’ reach into the Asia-PAC region and will be headed up by Chris Little, who is an experienced engineer with particular project expertise in the larger systems supplied by HRS.

Chris commented, “We are excited about this new expansion of the HRS business, a move which reflects how well the organisation continues to perform. Our main focus will initially be on renewable energy, anaerobic digesters and biogas; areas where HRS has particular expertise with its Evaporator and Pasteuriser systems and where we have proven we can deliver excellent efficiency and return on investment. The operation will, however, cover all areas of HRS expertise in industries such as food, chemical, oil and gas.”

HRS is well known for its advanced capability to provide high performing heat transfer solutions to exact customer requirements and to offer exceptional service and support to its clients. It has detailed understanding of both applications and technology and has shown it can meet some of the most challenging installation demands, offering efficiency and flexibility in design. The new office will be based in Melbourne, Australia and will offer full sales, project and aftermarket services to the customer base in the region.

“This is an important step to further the global network of group and distributor offices provided by HRS. The presence of a direct HRS facility within Australia will help us to expand our sales and further improve the support we offer to our existing customer base in this region,” Chris concluded.

About HRS Heat Exchangers Limited

HRS Heat Exchangers Limited (part of the HRS Group) is a leading international heat transfer specialist offering innovative solutions to the processing industry.

Headquartered in the UK, HRS Heat Exchangers operates at the forefront of processing technology and for over 30 years has designed, manufactured and sold heat exchangers and heat transfer technology to many different industries.

HRS products and system solutions have been used in such sectors as HVAC, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water supply, Energy Recovery, Waste to energy and Environmental protection. All HRS products are manufactured to ISO 9001 and comply with the European PED, and are also certified to the ASME “U” stamp standard.

HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd offers a wide range of heat exchangers and associated products including corrugated tube shell and tube, scraped surface and plate heat exchangers, together with a hygienic piston pump and packages such as Pasteurisers, CIP and Food processing systems. HRS also manufactures a patented self-cleaning scraped surface evaporator system for solids concentration.

HRS has offices in Spain, Germany, USA, Peru, Middle East, Malaysia and India as well as manufacturing and assembly plants in the UK, India, Dubai and Spain.

To learn more about HRS Heat Exchangers, please visit

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