Hydroflux Epco has played a small but key role in the recent replacement of a water treatment plant in Parkes, NSW, which was built in 1936.

The new 16ML/day water plant, which replaces an 8ML/day water treatment plant, is designed to meet the water supply demands for the future growth of Parkes while at the same time ensuring the delivery of high-quality treated water.

Designed for 15,000EP, the state-of-the-art facility also produces recycled water for use at the nearby Northparkes copper and gold mine located 27km north-west of Parkes.

Hydroflux Epco was engaged by head contractor John Holland to design, supply and commission the inlet works system.

Hydroflux Epco provided all of the equipment for the inlet works, which consists of HyBand® Center Flow Band Screens, WAP/SL Wash Presses and RoSF4 Grit Washing Technology.

Interconnecting chutes, manually raked bypass screens and the main launder were also designed and supplied as part of the package to form a complete inlet works solution.

John Carroll, Director of Hydroflux Epco, said, “HyBand® Center Flow Band Screens were chosen due to their high screenings efficiency.

“A key innovation provided for this project was to drop the screenings launder below the floor grating, resulting shorter screens.”

Fine grit and sand is removed in a Vortex Grit Removal System. This technology has a compact footprint and is very efficient in the removal of 200-micron grit particles.

Both the screenings and grit are washed to remove organics prior to dewatering, which maximises organics return to the main process flow and reduces disposal costs of these by-products.

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