When Ebara Corporation established its factory in Northern Italy, its main purpose was for the production of stamped stainless steel pumps. As well as utilising the most modern manufacturing techniques and equipment of the time, Ebara also developed and patented their own world leading processes. The most prominent example of this is the hydroformed one piece volute casing.

Once the product and technique was designed by utilising the latest computer programs, it underwent a strenuous testing program. This included the casings undergoing one million cycles of pressure pulsations between six and 12 bar.

The internal deflection due to pipe strain was also measured to ensure the success of the support structure design.

This technology is clearly seen in Ebara’s 3′ series of end suction pumps. These have proven their reliability and value for many years now, and continue to be another world leading product from Ebara.

To complement the success of the Hydroformed Ebara 3LS (all 316 SS) and 3M (304 SS) series of pumps, Ebara Pumps Australia has recently introduced the low-cost 3D series of pumps.

The 3D model uses the same stamped stainless steel components as the 3M but comes with a cast iron casing. This economical close coupled motor pump to EN733(DIN 24255) dimensions is available in sizes 32mm 1.1kWup to 50mm 11kW at 2900 RPM.

Pumps are an extended motor shaft design and are fitted as standard with high-efficiency IE3 motors (three phase versions).The 3D pump is made at the Ebara factory in Italy and options include high temperature and hard face mechanical seals.

About Ebara Corporation

Ebara Corporation was founded in Japan in 1912 and is now one of the world’s largest pump manufacturers,consisting of more than 88 companies around the world, with a workforce of more than 15,000 people on five continents.

The huge scale of production and distribution is matched by constant commitment to the research, development and design of new products; and the modern technologies for manufacturing them. Ebara products have gained a worldwide reputation for their technology and quality.

This partner content is brought to you by Ebara Pumps Australia. Contact your local Ebara dealer or Ebara Pumps Australia for more information. 
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