The HVAC system for the Ichthys Central Processing Facility contract has been awarded to Hi Air in Korea.

The scope of HVAC system package is to provide complete design and supply of equipment and instrument for Ventilation, Heating and Cooling, Humidity and Pressure control. The subcontractor shall perform design, manufacture, shop assembly, testing, preservation and packing for shipment, transportation of the complete equipments and instruments of HVAC system package to the nominated delivery point. The HVAC package shall be guaranteed in accordance with the Specifications. The subcontractor shall fully responsible of design and performance of the HVAC system and its equipments and instruments.

The Subcontractor’s lump sum scope of work and services shall include the following services and supplies:

  • Detailed Engineering and Design of the complete HVAC systems and associated Control and Safety Systems to meet the requirements of this specification including document revisions, re-designing and engineering investigations / verifications as required.
  • Specify and select HVAC equipment and associated control and safety equipment, where applicable.
  • HVAC, Mechanical, Structural, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation design of the equipment and materials supplied.
  • Selection and supply of all equipment and materials necessary to the requirements of this specifications.
  • Ensure the integration of the HVAC system and associated control and safety system in the ICSS.
  • Provide to the ICSS supplier all necessary design details for the development of the control and safety logic into the ICSS.
  • Effectively manage the interfaces with the ICSS supplier and resolve any interface problem.
  • Fabrication, Factory Access for Third party Inspection, Factory Acceptance Testing, Certification, Commissioning, Documentation and Project Management to meet the requirement of these specifications.
  • Provide technical assistance for the supervision of the installation.
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of the HVAC System, including functional and operational testing from the ICSS.
  • Providing installation and preservation procedures including the detailed method of alignment

The Central Processing Facility is permanently moored, column-stabilized production unit and has similar form to a semi-submersible rig. The unit will consists of two main level decks of space-frame configuration supporting hydrocarbon processing and utilities. These system will provide the primary processing of the offshore gas to remove water and raw liquids, including condensate. The gas will be then exported to the onshore processing facilities at Blaydin Point Darwin. The water, raw liquids and condensate with be transferred to the Floating, Processing, Storage and offloading vessel (FPSO) for further processing and storage.

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