IndustriTech has been appointed as the newest Australian pump distributor for Hamburg-based pump solutions company ABEL.

ABEL has a simple mission: to provide customers engineered solutions for abrasive, viscous or toxic media. 

ABEL supplies piston diaphragm, high-pressure plunger, and solids handling pumps to customers in over 60 countries around the globe. 

An extensive pump portfolio and corresponding accessories are available to cover even the most difficult pumping application. ABEL pumps can be found in the mining industry typically for applications like dewatering, tailings, solids transfer and thickener underflow. 

For over 70 years, ABEL has specialised in pumps for filter press feeding and filter cloth cleaning. Both, ABEL’s piston diaphragm and high-pressure plunger pump provide technically tailor-made features to ensure a short, efficient and energy saving filter press process for the customer. 

During the entire filtration process a volumetric efficiency of up to 96 per cent is achieved in the pump, to quickly reach the required initial filling grade and continue to feed the filter press exactly matching the calculated filtration curve. 

The successful result can be seen in the high level of dryness of the filter cake, resulting in increased daily metal extraction and profitability.

ABEL pumps continuously provide the required capacity, even if the backpressure changes, resulting in a more reliable production process. 

Within their special feature – the pre-formed membrane (or double diaphragm, depending on pump type) – the drive side is separated from the abrasive medium and serves a long product life time. This results in minimal maintenance pumps.


If special service is needed, ABEL sends its service experts to the customer in any country. The same applies for the international sales managers – ABEL relies on close and trustworthy business relationships with its worldwide sales partners, shown by regular direct support and customised training courses. 

Together with IndustriTech, the goal is to improve production efficiency in mining applications in Australia. IndustriTech offers holistic customer support in three main areas: technical advice, reliability, and repair services and distribution services. 

Advantages of ABEL and IndustriTech

  • Full consultation from needs analysis to pump commissioning 
  • Customised pump solutions for your individual situation 
  • Improving production process technically and economically

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