Ingersoll Rand (IR) is a US-based company, which set up a manufacturing facility in Dandenong in the 1960s as a way to service the oil and gas and mining sectors in Australia – with the industry being protected by tariffs at the time, they couldn’t simply export their pumps to Australia, it was more economical to manufacture them here. Compressors were also a major part of the business.

However, in the 1980s the pump businesses and compressor businesses were separated. IR was merged with Dresser to become IDP and the structure of the company changed radically as rationalisation occurred. It became very difficult to manufacture the high end product in Australia and IR moved towards importing the sophisticated pumps needed by multi-national energy companies and for the new power stations being built on the eastern seaboard.

Keith Sanders, PIA Councillor and Life Member, Owner of Australian Industrial Marketing

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