Aqseptence Group, a global headworks equipment supplier, has been awarded the initial contract for the Lower South Creek program in Sydney.

honey-comb-panelAqseptence Group will work with ADAPT (a joint venture between Sydney Water, PB and UGL) on the Riverstone Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

The initial Riverstone STP package for the Lower South Creek Program will include:

  • Three Aqseptence Group Honeycomb Panel Centre-Flo Band Screens
  • Two Noggerath Nogwash Screw Wash Presses
  • Manual bar screens
  • Vortex grit tank
  • Grit classifier
  • Associated pumps and launders

The equipment selected for this project will ensure robust and trouble free operation with the process and operating highest efficiencies.

Aqseptence Group’s Managing Director, David Lazzarini, said, “The recent contract for the Lower South Creek Program with ADAPT reflects our status as the leading headworks equipment supplier in the Australian water industry.

“Aqseptence Group’s commitment to product research and development continues to position us to offer our clients world-leading innovative technology.

“To have our latest fluid filtration and separation innovation selected for such an important project is rewarding for a lot of hard work by our engineers.’’

Aqseptence Group’s ANZ Sales Manager, Chris Susanto, said, “Our company has been working very hard to develop the latest patented Honeycomb Screen panel to integrate into its band screen.

“We are pleased to have Sydney Water, one of Australia’s largest water utilities, acknowledge and accept the use of the new innovative technology.

“We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Sydney Water throughout the Lower South Creek Program as well as future works.”

Aqseptence Group’s Centre-Flo with honeycomb panel has greater than 30 per cent improved hydraulic capacity and five per cent greater screen capture rate (based on 5mm apertures) over a conventional perforated plate screen panel.

The improved hydraulic capacity allows existing inlets works to increase hydraulic throughput without civil modifications while providing cost savings for new sites through smaller mechanical and civil footprints.

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