Venturi Aeration systems are now available in Australia through Hydro Innovations, and are ideal for a variety of applications, including odour control, sludge digestion, wastewater aeration, lake destratification, septage treatment and many more.

The Venturi Aerator is a static device that is installed immediately downstream of a pump.

The pumped fluid is forced into the Venturi Aerator, where a specially designed and machined nozzle produces a venturi effect, enabling atmospheric air to be drawn into the system and mixed with the pumped fluid.

The aerated fluid is then pumped back into the lagoon or basin the water was drawn from. When used with self-priming pumps, the system can be mounted on the banks of lagoons, making them safer, cheaper and easier to maintain than other systems.

Hydro Innovations is in the unique situation of being able to supply the Venturi Aerator packaged with Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps, as the authorised Australian distributor of both US manufacturers.

Hydro Innovations claim that by using a Venturi Aerator with a Gorman-Rupp pump, asset owners can transfer oxygen at a cheaper rate per kW employed than other forms of aeration.

Other forms of aerator are mounted on pontoons and are tethered to banks via cables, whereas the Venturi Aerator system is mounted on lagoon banks, not in them.

This makes this style of system safer, easier and more cost effective for operators to maintain. Operators don’t have to drag floating units into banks or row out to them.

Venturi Aerators are available in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm sizes, with fluid transfer rates from five L/s through to 80 L/s with a single unit.

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