Tsurumi’s name is renowned in the world of electro-submersible dewatering and sewage pumps. The Japanese company, founded in 1924 as a manufacturer of agricultural style vertical shaft pumps, has come a long way in the last 90 years.

Founded by the Sugimoto family, Tsurumi has built a reputation not only for quality and value, but for innovation, delivering features that provide for longevity, reliability and genuine performance.

Tsurumi was introduced to Australia by Pacific Pump Company, a division of the old Tutt Bryant Group. The first Tsurumi’s were initially sold under the ‘Pacific Frogmen’ brand name. The company’s focus on construction, mining, quarrying and related industries opened up markets for Tsurumi submersible dewatering pumps.

Warwick Lorenz, now Managing Director and proprietor of Australian Pump Industries, was the very young manager of Pacific Pump and orchestrated the original launch of the product.

“We could see that the product was a winner from the very beginning,” he said. “The pumps were so far ahead of anything else on the market and suited even the rough, tough applications in construction and quarrying. Hire companies loved them too,”

The product that Pacific launched back in the 1970s was quite revolutionary with new lightweight, dry type motors in place of the old conventional oil filled electric motors. From there, Tsurumi went on to include an integrated thermal protector that would prevent motor burnout in the event of running dry.

As Tsurumi grew the product range, they continued to innovate. New ideas like integrated float switches and vortex style impellers to aid solids handling followed progressively.

Better by design

Today Tsurumi offers not only the biggest manufacturing capacity but also possibly the world’s largest range of submersible pumps. The pumps incorporate unique features to provide longer pump life, less breakdowns and ultimately lower costs.

“Tsurumi’s product range provides Australian Pump with a huge opportunity. We dropped retail prices by 40 per cent in the first month that we took on the franchise, three years ago,” said Mr Lorenz.

The results have been staggering in terms of re-awakened market recognition, a huge increase in volume and general acceptance that Tsurumi is a submersible pump global leader.

“We are currently working with Tsurumi on a number of projects that will meet the specific needs of Australian users,” said Mr Lorenz. “For example, we are jointly developing a range of 1,000 volt mining pumps in response to demand from the Australian mining industry.”

Further information on the complete Tsurumi range is available online at

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