An International Course on Irrigation will be held in Europe in October 2016.

The objective of the course is to provide the elements that are required in the operation of an irrigation system so that efficiency of plant water use and the efficacy of the system in delivering water are maximized.

This is a complex problem since crops grow under varied combinations of soil, weather and growing conditions. Guiding principles in how to deal with these changing environmental factors will be provided.

This course assembles a group of highly experienced international scientists with extensive careers in the field of fruit tree growth and irrigation management.

The activity will last 5 days and includes five different types of lectures:

  • Short theoretical sessions of 30-45’ covering a total of 24 different topics
  • Workshop exercises of 60’ each covering a total of 6 different topics
  • Demonstrative laboratory training sessions covering 5 different topics
  • Afternoon field trips
  • Discussion sessions between the instructors and the students at the end of each day

More information on the course can be found within the course program.

To reserve a place or for additional enquiries please send an email to:

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