Industry is driven by productivity, productivity is driven by efficiency, and efficiency is driven by integration.

Keeping this in mind, WEG has developed WEGmotion Drives – an integrated and flexible package that combines motors, drives, gears and digital solutions to improve productivity of manufacturing plants.

The results include better reliability, better control of machines and equipment, more intelligence in operational processes and more efficiency for each industry.

With robust technical support, WEG guarantees the efficiency of your process, contributing to increased operational gains.

The main features of WEGmotion Drives are:

  • Offering the combination of three innovative products in one integrated package from one supplier
  • WEG verticalisation provides full control of manufacturing and quality processes
  • Solutions for a range of applications from a wide product portfolio
  • Flexibility allows for competitiveness of highly customised packages
  • The integrated package assists in driving efficiency and sustainability

With WEGmotion Drives it’s possible to combine the quality of its motors, the strength of its gearboxes and the reliability of its inverters in a flexible and integrated package for the most diverse
applications across a wide range of industrial segments.

If your company seeks total process control, regardless of your machine’s design, WEG provides fully integrated and flexible WEGmotion Drives solutions that can maximise the performance
of your machines – whatever their application.

WEG. Getting you ready today for tomorrow’s challenge.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by WEG Australia.

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