Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) has begun modernisation works on the Northern Branch Canal in NSW, and is investigating a program of works that would expand the canal’s capacity.

MI CEO, Brett Jones, said additional works, outside of the current project scope, will be required to maximise the potential for the Northern Branch Canal to convey much larger water volumes to the service area.

“These works include channel widening and the replacement of smaller culverts,” Mr Jones said.

“We view these additional works as an opportunity to leverage benefits from existing modernisation works, and importantly, this will allow customers to access increased delivery capacity to grow their business operations.”

This recent development on the Northern Branch Canal could flow on to provide a major boost to the region.

MI Chairman, Frank Sergi, was optimistic about the future and said MI was interested in hearing about any other opportunities to further grow the area.

“Things are growing in the MIA. I would encourage investors to capitalise on our regional advantages,” Mr Sergi said.

“From our soils, climate and reliable water to our thriving service centres- we are Australia’s premier irrigation area.”

The modernisation works, which have already commenced on the Northern Branch Canal, are being funded through an Australian Government grant to MI through the Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program, under round two of the Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operator’s Program in NSW (PIIOP2).

In relation to additional works on the Northern Branch Canal, MI would like to gauge the level of interest from existing and potential new Northern Branch Canal water users to take up the extra delivery capacity and contribute on a one-off basis to the capital cost of the additional works.

To assist MI to complete a cost/benefit analysis for the proposed additional works on the Northern Branch Canal, Expressions of Interest are called for from customers and interested parties looking to acquire a greater daily flow rate on the Northern Branch Canal.

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