As part of their continuous commitment to introduce into the market the best and most recent industrial innovations, Regal Australia are pleased to introduce a new range of AC variable speed drives: Marathon Drives.

The Marathon Drives series offers a range of different types and models of AC drives, carefully selected and created to suit customers needs and market requirements, at the best value whilst complying to all modern technologies.

The Marathon Drive platform is available in 5 models:

  • MD100C: Compact drive to fit anywhere when size is a major problem in small panel arrangements
  • MD100G: General purpose drive for a broad range of applications in the industry
  • MD100P: Special pump/flow drive with add on features and requirements in this specific industry
  • MD100H: HVAC&R drive addressing all building automation specs with unique features when cost matters
  • MDHP: High performance drive comes with all that you need in high performance, high precision automation systems and PM motor control.

The Marathon Drive range is currently available from as low as 0.1kW and up to 450kW as standard. Higher power is also available upon request.

Marathon Drives are designed to operate the motor using the lowest possible energy consumption and highest energy efficient performance to meet all energy efficient levels and standards. They also meet all required industry approvals: CE, C-Tick, and UL.

Marathon Drives are the smart way to go with great performance and easy motor control for a competitive price.

For further information, please contact your local Regal branch or Regal dealer, or visit For sales support call 1300 888 853, or for motor control technical enquires call 1800 724 149.

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