A jet pump is being used at Transerv Energy’s Warro-5 and Warro-6 wells in Western Australia to deplete the water in the reservoir associated with the gas.

Transerv Managing Director, Stephen Keenihan, said the process is proceeding according to plan.

“We designed these wells in such a way that we could use the jet pump to remove excess water from the reservoir section and establish the free flow gas potential of the wells,” Mr Keenihan said.

“This work is going according to plan. Our objective now is to flow the wells using the jet pump until the water rate reduces to acceptable levels, this may take several weeks.”

Results from testing at Warro-6 also reveal that the water-to-gas ratio has reduced by more than 50 per cent during testing and the well is maintaining constant substantial gas flow, averaging 1.3mmcfd.

A liquid volume equivalent to the stimulation fluids injected into Warro-6 has been now recovered from the well.

At the Warro-5 well, initial gas flows have been recorded as the well clean-up progresses,  ahead of full testing. The flow rates are yet to stabilise and are continuing to improve.

Transerv Managing Director, Stephen Keenihan, said the results from both wells were in line with Transerv expectations at this stage.

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