Screening challenges in your coal seam gas, mining, wastewater or recycling application? Johnson Screens® has you covered.noggerath-spiral-sieve-nsi-bJohnson Screens® (a brand of the Aqseptence Group) continues to provide services including drafting, engineering design and manufacturing, delivering quality Australian-made products to various industries for solids and liquid separation.

The company can now offer the most comprehensive and innovative range of screen surface media in the industry.

Johnson Screens® can design and manufacture screen panels, whether it is with their revolutionary Vee-Wire® technology, polyurethane, rubber, perforated plate or hardened plate materials, or a combination of any of these to meet the challenges of the most difficult screening applications.

During the design process, every aspect of the application is taken into consideration. This total custom approach to manufacturing offers many advantages to Johnson Screens’® customers in terms of safety, extended wear life, high efficiency, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Johnson Screens® manufacture a range of products ideal for the irrigation industry, including bore pump inlet screens, pump suction screens, lowering spears, jetting spears, dewatering spears, sieve bend screens and complete rundown units, rotary units and Noggerath screw press equipment for larger volumes of primary screening of sand, grit and soil.

Johnson Screens® Pump Guard Screens

Abrasion by sand can shorten pump life, but Johnson pump guard screens keep out fine sand particles, extending pump life, reducing downtime and increasing well production. Constructed out of stainless steel, these pump guard screens are corrosion resistant, lengthening the life of the screen.

Noggerath spiral sieves

These are ranked among the best machines of their kind in the world. The liquid flows into the sieve basket, which is open on the inlet side. Solids with a larger diameter than the hole/gap width are retained.

A continuous layer of solids is therefore formed on the surface of the screen, reducing free passage through it and causing the level of the liquid upstream of the screen casing to rise. These sieves are ideal for organic waste recovery.

Sieve bends

Johnson Screens® sieve bend screens are used in static sieves for either dewatering or classification. Slurry flows by gravity over an inclined screen surface.

Screen Vee-Wires®, which are perpendicular to flow, slice away a layer of slurry. The Vee-Wires® can be as narrow as 0.5mm and up 12.7mm.

Johnson Screens® fine Vee-Wires® create a sieve, which presents more edges to the flow for superior separation efficiency.

The dewatering capability of the screen is determined by the percent of open area and tip of the wire. Vee-Wire® slot openings can be as narrow as 50µm with increments of 25µm allowing for more open area.

Australasia and New Zealand regions are serviced from the Johnson Screens® manufacturing facility in Geebung, Brisbane.

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