For almost 40 years Kubota Australia has been supporting its customers in agriculture, construction and power equipment.kubota-011113-046Working hand in hand with manufacturers to design and test new product innovations, Kubota is even more relevant to customers’ needs.

Kubota Australia’s Engineering department offers full engine application testing to assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) all round the world develop stronger products.

Working with Kubota means working closely with the team from concept through to production to match an engine to your exact specifications. The team delivers comprehensive application testing across key product areas, including heat balance, vibration, safety and maintenance.

This ensures each engine is matched perfectly with the product it powers without compromising engine emissions, safety, output, reliability or serviceability.

Kubota’s ability to adapt engines to an extensive range of applications is legendary. It uses its rich expertise to design and optimise engines that are resolutely fit for purpose – and the company is continuously developing its industrial engines to boost productivity, improve performance and better meet your specific application requirements.

Take for example Spitwater Australia, which uses Kubota’s engineering support during its testing phase.

“We fit custom-built, application-specific Kubota OC engines to our diesel pressure washers,” said Spitwater Managing Director, Andrea Martinotti. “And when we bring our two great brands together, the product pretty much sells itself.

“People prefer to buy brands they know and trust. It just makes good business sense,” he added.

Put simply, a Kubota engine does the job it’s built for perfectly. It’s highly durable yet light and compact. It gives maximum fuel efficiency while minimising noise and vibration. Engine life is enhanced and – more importantly – is outstandingly reliable, year in, year out.

Customers also have the added peace of mind knowing Kubota’s Worldwide Service Network gives you timely service for engine supply, service requests, parts supply and warranty issues – great news if you export finished products overseas.

Boost customer satisfaction and confidence today. Partner with Kubota to drive innovation in your business now.

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