Works are underway in Kyabram, in Victoria’s north central region, to increase the holding capacity of the the McEwen Road West drainage basin and replace the pump station.

Campaspe Shire Council Infrastructure Services General Manager, Jason Deller, said the works will increase the basin from holding 20,000 cubic litres to 44,000 cubic litres of water.

“The $1.36 million project involves replacing the McEwen Road West pump station and pipework, as well as increasing the capacity of the drainage basin,” Mr Deller said.

The next stage of the project is to increase the capacity of the McEwen Road East drainage basin. This project is set to be put forward for consideration in the council’s 2020/21 budget.

“The East project would also increase the capacity of the drainage basin, from 20,000 cubic litres to slightly more to 48,000 cubic litres,” Mr Deller said.

Both drainage basins capture water runoff for a large portion of the Kyabram residential area from McCormick Road in the south, McEwen Road in the east, through to the rail line.

“The projects will improve the drainage for this part of Kyabram and the increased basin size will see stormwater runoff stored in the basin and not in the roads, gardens or private property after heavy rainfall events,” Mr Deller said.

“While the past three years have been dry, heavy rainfall events experienced in 2016, 2012 and 2011 are always possible, and this kind of investment in Kyabram’s drainage system will have positive results for the community.”

In 2012, Council updated its Drainage Policy and developed a robust framework for the evaluation and funding of projects for priority drainage works. The policy sets a standard for all Campaspe properties to benefit from a four star level of service.

“In real terms, this means that based on a one-in-100 year storm event, in urban areas, it is acceptable for water to sit on private property, however, it is not acceptable for water to enter or go under houses. And in rural areas, it is not acceptable for houses to be flooded or for water to be held back on land for five days or more,” Mr Deller added.

“This project will protect the residential area and deliver the level of service in line with the Drainage Policy.”

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