The Latrobe Sewer Network upgrade has been completed by TasWater, including upgrades to the Reibey Street pump station. 

The project was to install a duplicate sewerage system, consisting of two stages –  stage two was completed in August 2020 and stage one completed ahead of schedule in June 2021.

These stages included: hybrid manholes, pipework and a new electrical switchboard installation, as well as the upgrade of the Reibey Street pump station.

The Latrobe Sewer Network upgrade was completed as part of TasWater’s $1.8 billion, ten-year capital works program. 

The network upgrade will lead to a reduction in sewer spills during heavy rainfall events, protecting the health of the local community and the environment.

TasWater Senior Project Manager, Amanda Allen, said the network is now online and already benefiting Latrobe residents. 

“The contractors have worked hard to deliver the project ahead of schedule and the newly upgraded sewerage network has been active for a few weeks now,” Ms Allen said. 

“This is a great outcome for the community, who have been very supportive of the upgrades.”

These completed works will address the localised issues of sewage spills in high wet weather events at Latrobe Primary School and residential homes in Reibey and Percival Streets.

“It is extremely important that the project was delivered in a safe and effective way and the project has met all the safety, environmental, quality and community targets,” Ms Allen said.

“This is a credit to the whole team and the wider community for ensuring everyone was safe, while constructing in challenging environments.”

The community celebrated the completed upgrades, providing the opportunity for the project team to discuss the works and thank the community and contractors for their support over the past 12 months.

“There has been several North West based contractors who have been involved in making this project a success and we would also like to extend our appreciation to the Oliver Kelly Group in particular, who were our main contractors delivering the works for the network upgrade,” Ms Allen said. 

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