Moving water quickly and efficiently has always been an important part of proficient mine project management. In the case of emergency flooding, as recently seen in the Northern Territory, rapid mine dewatering is essential to keep projects on track.

Crusader Hose, an Australian manufacturer of layflat hose systems for 35 years, knows all about what the best rapid dewatering methods are when managing emergency situations.

Although originally starting out as a fire hose manufacturer, it has grown strategically into making hose for the mining sector too. Its wide range now includes Waterlord® for mine dewatering and Flexibore® for groundwater pumping for super- and ultra-deep bores.

Waterlord mine dewatering hose on hamersley hydraulic winder.

An alternative to polypipe

The Waterlord® hose is a popular alternative to polypipe, its main features include ease of handling and rapid deployment. Incorporated into a reel system, longer lengths of large diameter hose can be managed quickly and efficiently. This is a very labour-saving system, which is being used by leading mining companies all over Australia.

Reel system ready to go.

“The ability to have three operators deploy and connect 4km of DN200 pipe in one shift is a major benefit,” Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director at Crusader Hose, said. “There is no need to weld and drag 6m lengths of polypipe around.”

Waterlord® layflat hose comes in diameters up to DN300 with pressure ratings of 50 bar. Lengths of up to 200m are supplied with reel systems to make handling safe and easy.

Reel system with 200m of Waterlord hose assembly in action.

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