The world is getting smaller, competition is becoming fiercer and budgets are shrinking. In today’s global environment, it is easy to cut costs by buying cheaper, but inexpensive can sometimes mean ultimately more expensive.gruppe4_erv_musterbild_spiegThe old saying that “you get what you pay for” rings true in most day-to-day situations, however for engineers, the dollars saved on that cheaper system component in the design phase can sometimes lead to significant increases in repair, maintenance and service costs shortly after commissioning. A company’s reputation can be impacted by such decisions.

We are all looking at budgets, focusing on the dollars and cents. Let’s take a step back to look at the big picture, sharpen our focus on quality.

The smallest items in a system such as hoses, couplings and expansion joints can have a significant impact on productivity and efficiency.

They can also cause the biggest headaches if they continuously fail under normal working conditions. However, it is often the case that these low-cost items are the components which are price driven and considered a commodity item.

Flexible bellows have a lasting impact on a system’s performance. Choosing the right expansion joint that will go the distance will reduce the need for continual maintenance.

Elaflex Pacific have expansion joints (flexible rubber bellows) for almost every industry and application. With sizes from DN25 to DN4200, these German-made expansion joints can handle the most demanding operating environments, from freezing arctic climates to power station engine rooms, and carry an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.

Most recently, Elaflex have also released a new type of rubber expansion joint, the ERV-BR. It is specifically designed for abrasive media such as sludges, slurries, solid / liquid mixtures and emulsions.

All Elaflex ERV expansion joints are available with a range of mating flanges and accessories. They are also certified by most leading industry bodies and authorities including DNV-GL, Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas.

It is often thought that a hose is just a hose, and again it is treated as a simple commodity. With an ever increasing focus on standards and compliance, the type of hose selected can affect the media purity, as well as the lifetime and safety of a system.

The exclusive Elaflex-ContiTech range of rubber hoses boasts a coverage of up to 98 per cent of all fluids. Ongoing experience within the global chemical, food, aviation, pharmaceutical, and mining industries, among others, has allowed companies to see the value in buying quality products.

It is easy to promise quality at the time of purchase.  With ELAFLEX hoses, couplings and expansion joints, “the proof is in the pudding”.

Elaflex has been providing high quality engineering solutions since 1923. With an ever growing range of products to meet internationally recognised standards, Elaflex prides itself as a company focused on quality.

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