Link-Seal Installation at Ravensworth Mine

Sealing the annular space between the pipe and the substrate that it passes through is an extremely important factor in ensuring the penetration is completely sealed and performs as designed with no leakage.

In environments like gas plants, oil farms, hospitals, mines, and water and waste treatment plants, there is no place for error and often no time to waste! The penetrations need to be perfectly sealed and sealed NOW!

Unlike conventional sealants and grouts that commonly shrink during the curing process, Link-Seals are a mechanical seal that achieve an instant and effective seal without costly downtime. They are supplied in a band form utilising interconnecting rubber linksand pressure plates to create that instant seal! Easy to install, they can be put back into service immediately after their installation.

Link-Seals are extremely robust and are specially formulated to seal against oils, gas, water, aggressive chemicals and fire. They offer hundreds of solutions to seal pipe penetrations ranging in size from 10mm to 3.6 metres diameter and are suitable for PVC, HDPE, copper and steel pipes.

Link-Seals are an engineered product, manufactured in the USA and available in Australia through Projex Group, which offer FREE technical consultation and will help you calculate the right Link-Seal size and model for your application. To find out which Link-Seal you need, simply email the answers to the following questions at

  1. What is the inside diameter of the hole?
  2. What is the outside diameter of the pipe?
  3. What are you sealing against?
  4. What type of pipe are you using?

Projex Group’s job is to specify and guide you as to which product is suitable for your specific application to ensure the complete solution is achieved.

This Sponspored Content is brought to you by Projex Group. For more information, visit or call 1800 001 114.

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