In Europe, Xylem has launched the Lowara e-HM series; a new range of stainless steel, horizontal, multi-stage pumps, designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications which boast superior performance and efficiency characteristics which significantly lower lifecycle costs and increase energy savings.

The new e-HM pump is based on the same innovative hydraulic design as the popular vertical multistage e-SV series and boasts the ability to improve energy efficiency in applications by 15-20%, significantly lowering lifecycle costs and increasing energy savings.

The modularity of Xylem’s new e-HM range of stainless steel Lowara pumps will be of huge benefit to the Industrial end-user as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers and Residential users due to the range of configurations available to customers. The many configurations available mean the pump can be adapted to meet an extensive range of applications such as chillers, heating, air conditioning units, washing and cleaning, water treatment, water supply, hot and cold liquid circulation, pressure boosting and aggressive liquids.

The e-HM pump is available in two distinct designs. The one-piece e-HM pump requires no welding and is ideal for low pressure and flow. The sleeve design version is ideal for high flow and pressure.

The e-HM pump also provides end users with an improved ‘total cost of ownership’ as it has an average operational time of at least 20,000 hours in normal conditions. The pump has a flow of up to 29 m3/h and can perform to a maximum pressure of 16 bars.

Olivier Lamarie, Global Product Manager Multistage of Xylem, said: “At Xylem we’re dedicated to developing superior products which deliver greater efficiency and increased energy savings. The unique hydraulic design and versatility of our e-HM pump means that it is perfectly positioned to meet requirements across a wide range of industries. It provides long-lasting solutions for industrial use for leading manufacturers and suppliers in all sectors, from food processing and farming to cleaning and water treatment. When combined with Xylem Hydrovar, the e-HM pump can offer further energy savings compared to previous models.

“The e-HM series is available in two robust and compact designs which gives the range a dual possibility and ensures the pump can be configured to meet any customer requirement. All of our pump ranges are backed by an on time delivery service. The e-HM pump range is assembled on a global platform which ensures customers can receive the product in full and on time, whenever they need it.”

Olivier continues: “Xylem’s highly skilled engineers have designed the e-HM pump to offer low levels of Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) and a minimised impeller axial thrust, resulting in a longer bearing life. Due to the high grade stainless steel used, our new pump will have WRAS/ ACS/ AS4020/ NSF61 approvals and can be used to pump potable water while providing superior corrosion resistance.”

“It also meets a wide range of design, quality and motor efficiency standards, including: UL/CSA, KEMCO, Australian MEPS, and IMQ approvals and certifications.”

The e-HM pump can be tailored for numerous industrial applications. It is available in a range of material options such as SS AISI 304 and SS AISI 316 and electro-polished and passivated AISI 316 stainless steel. The e-HM pump can also be fitted with EPDM rubber, FPM rubber and Karlez® O-rings; as well as carbon, ceramic and silicon carbide mechanical seals.

The new Lowara e-HM pump is available with variable speed option allows the speed of the pump to be adjusted in relation to requirement, noticeably reducing energy consumption and/or to regulate their systems through an external signal.

The new e-HM range is due to be released in Australia and New Zealand in late 2013.
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