The 39km Macquarie River to Orange pipeline (NSW) is now complete.

Construction of the $47 million pipeline was funded with $20 million from the Australian Government’s National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns, $18.2 million from the NSW Government and $8.8 million from Orange City Council.

Leed Engineering and Construction began work on the pipeline in October 2013, with Essential Energy undertaking refurbishment of the power and Poles and Underground completing construction of new electrical infrastructure.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, Bob Baldwin, said the pipeline would deliver 1,616 megalitres of water each year from the Macquarie River to the Suma Park Dam.

The Suma Park Dam will be topped-up by pumping during periods of good river flow, so pumping will not be required during drier times.

“This pipeline project reflects the Australian Government’s long-standing commitment to support communities in rural and regional Australia.

“It is another example of how the Australian Government is fulfilling its commitment to meeting the infrastructure needs of regional Australia, promoting sustainable growth and development in this region for many decades to come,”said Mr Baldwin.

Federal Member for Calare, John Cobb, said that Orange had a history of water shortages and in May 2010 the city was on the brink of level 6 water restrictions which would have severely restricted business and industry activity within the city.

“The construction of the new pipeline will help the Orange community achieve its potential, and address a shortfall in the supply of drinking water,” said Mr Cobb.

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