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Central Coast Council has a number of water and sewer projects recently completed and underway, including the refurbishment of a vacuum sewer as well as the installation of new pumps at multiple sewer pump stations.

As the Water Supply Authority, Central Coast Council  provides essential water and sewer services to the whole Local Government Area, a population of approximately 345,000, delivering on the following key areas to more than 139,000 homes and businesses. 

Some of the water and sewer infrastructure projects recently completed, or underway in November include:

  • Davistown and St Huberts Island Vacuum Sewer Refurbishment project – aiming to improve the reliability and resilience of the system and move critical components above flood water levels, ensuring that the sewer system remains effective during major weather events. Works are now complete at St Hubert Island and continue through Davistown 
  • Major water and sewer upgrades for Gosford CBD – infrastructure upgrades continue in the Gosford CBD which will support economic and population growth by providing critical new water and sewer infrastructure for the CBD. The project spans 66 projects (43 water projects and 23 sewer projects) with sites stretching from the Gosford waterfront, through the Gosford CBD shopping precinct, to areas in the vicinity of Gosford Hospital and Gosford Golf Course. The project is funded by the New South Wales Government through the Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF) and part of a $42.5million funding. The current stage of works commenced 31 October and will see part road closures in Mann Street, traffic diversions and limited street parking in the area so contractors can carry out the work safely.  
  • Sewer Pump Station (SPS) refurbishments – a number of sewer pump stations are being upgraded with new pumps and pipework, odour control units, safer access lids, ladders and handrails, and a new electrical switchboard at each site.  Sewer pump station upgrades are now complete at Koolewong (Couche Park), Wagstaffe (Mulhall St), Umina (Cowper Road), and continue at Noraville (Reynolds Rd) and Green Point (Bayside Drive)  

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