A pumping installation for a local ski field in the South Island of New Zealand had a tight deadline and harsh environment to work with in order to successfully supply water for the field’s snow making facility. The solution for installer Think Water Leeston all came down to its choice of hose and fittings.

Think Water wanted to avoid rigid pipes that can be affected by the high iron-bacteria levels, which can cause clogging and unpleasant odours. They also required a product that would not rust over time.

The limited space in the bore and need for a cost-effective and speedy installation left them with limited options.

Think Water chose Crusader Hose’s Flexibore based on its previous successful experience using the product. Flexibore 250 series bore water hose is a flexible riser used for groundwater pumping. The depth of the installation was 105m using 6” (152mm) Crusader Hose Flexibore 250 series hose and fittings.

Grant Collier, Owner of Think Water Leeston, NZ, said, “We have learnt over the few years since we have been using Flexibore that it far out performs any alternatives in all facets.”

Easy and effective

Mr Collier said that they chose Flexibore for this particular project due to the ease and speed of installation, which was particularly important as they only had a limited time to get the pump into the bore.

The cost of the Flexibore was also an important factor, with Think Water needing to stick to the project’s budget. Mr Collier said Crusader Hose Flexibore 250 series was the obvious and preferred choice.

“The other option of steel pipe and flanging was prohibitive, and there was limited space in the bore so standard flanges wouldn’t fit.”

Flexibore also had the advantage of not being affected by the high iron-bacteria levels which Think Water sometimes encounters with other products especially steel risers.

“We know from past experience there won’t be any iron-bacteria building up on the hose thus optimising the pumping efficiency to deliver the required flowrate,” Mr Collier said.

crusader hose installation
A healthy working relationship

Think Water was impressed by Crusader Hose’s customer service, especially when solving the issue of quick product delivery.

“It is just great as they hold good stocks of all products making it very convenient for us resellers/installers.

“The team at Crusader have been great with all of our questions or queries. They have the product knowledge and will respond very quickly.”

Think Water was also reassured by the fact that Flexibore is manufactured to Australian standards, which are recognised and highly regarded by New Zealand customers.

“It is a quality product manufactured in Australia to Australian quality standards,” Mr Collier said.

“Our customer has been very pleased since the installation was completed and commissioned.”

Crusader Hose Flexibore® flexible risers for bore water pumping and dewatering, and Waterlord irrigation layflat hose is distributed and sold in New Zealand by Water Supply Products, NZ.

This partner content was brought to you by Crusader Hose and Flexibore. for more information, please visit

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