The 2015 Boilers & Pumps Conference will take place on November 24th & 25th 2015 at the Rydges, North Sydney.

This highly practical conference will offer delegates the opportunity to gain access to the most up-to-date information on the design, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and management of two key interconnected and often challenging components – boilers and pumps. The conference is intended for engineers, technicians and consultants from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds.

The conference will cover a selection of case studies and examples of real world working systems and problem solving scenarios. When delegates leave this conference they will have an increased ability to work with and solve their boiler and pumps problems simply, easily and with confidence.

Attend the conference to:

  • Learn about new boiler and pump management approaches
  • Understand how to apply IEC61508 and IEC61511 to your plant or project
  • Gain practical solutions to common pump and compressor challenges
  • Identify opportunities for energy and cost savings
  • Learn how to increase reliability and overall safety of your boilers and pumps
  • Simulate typical boiler control systems and uncover potential problems in design
  • Receive expert advice on pump and compressor selection, correct speed calculation, alignment and mitigating inconsistent flow and blockages
  • Understand how to apply AS3814 standard to your burner management system
  • Learn techniques to maximise the value of your pumps and compressor systems
  • Hear case studies and critical discussion from the local industry
  • Network with specialists in the field and your peers

To learn more about the presentations and events on offer, see the conference brochure.

Online registration is now open.


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