Marmota’s hydrology and rig teams have successfully sourced underground water in both of its drilled boreholes.

Bore Hole 1 saw indicative water flow rates of five litres per second, while a flow rate of one litre per second was present in Bore Hole 2 (the latter should alone be sufficient for diamond drilling). 

Water is a critical component for intended planned diamond drilling and to feed a heap leach operation. 

Rigorous pump testing and pressure testing and final preparation of the new boreholes is planned for January 2021.  

In anticipation, two 20,000L water storage tanks have arrived at Aurora Tank. 

Marmota Chairman, Dr Colin Rose, said, “Finding water in the desert can be a considerable challenge. 

“While the new boreholes still need to be rigorously pressure and pump tested (in January), our borehole drilling program so far appears to be very promising indeed.”

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