Andrew-2Our slurry pump expert is Andrew Collins, Technical Director of KETO Pumps.

Andrew has 25 years’ experience in the global mineral processing market. He has previously worked for Flowserve supporting ‘white side’ pumps in the alumina industry, as well as pumps for general mining applications. Whilst Engineering Director for ITT Blakers, he oversaw all ITT Goulds pumps being supplied to the oil and gas industry, the supply of all white side pumps to Comalco Alumina Refinery and the supply of Hazleton slurry pumps to the Australian market.

Andrew founded KETO Pumps in 2004, which has since expanded to the worldwide market and is now majority owned by engineering firm Clyde Blowers (who also own renowned companies such as David Brown, Hydreco, and Moventas). Andrew was behind the research and development of the KETO severe duty slurry pump and advanced pump upgrade range. He is now the Technical Director of KETO Pumps and leads the engineering and research and development teams.

To ask Andrew a question about slurry pumps, use the form on our Ask an Expert page.

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