Aquatec Maxcon has completed electrical and mechanical upgrades to the Glenmore High Lift Water Pump Station as part of a project by Fitzroy River Water and Rockhampton Regional Council (QLD).

The $9.3million upgrade commenced in 2013 and while it’s still underway, Rockhampton Regional Council chair, Greg Belz, said the project has already produced positive results for the community.

“This project is another good example of how Fitzroy River Water is working to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for the Region,” Mr Belz said.

The upgrade includes the installation of four new high efficiency pumps, and new transformers and electrical switchboards that meet modern safety and design standards.

The upgrades enable the new pump station to be powered by a diesel generator in the event of a power outage.

The new pumps also have an increased pumping capacity, which will enable the pump station to supply at least 140ML and meet the future needs of the community.

Fitzroy River Water said the upgrades have also resulted in reduced power consumption, with a 27 per cent reduction in power consumption for the month of November, the first full month of operation for the new pumps.

“This is due to the increased efficiency of the new pumps and the ability to accurately monitor pump operation in real-time,” Mr Belz said.

The upgrade is expected to be fully completed by March 2016.

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