Murrumbidgee Irrigation’s $25 million modernisation program, which includes automation of the Main Canal, is now in full swing.

This is the biggest investment in the region’s infrastructure since the scheme’s inception a hundred years ago.

Key works underway include:

  • Pumping around Roaches Regulator

Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) has established pumps to pass water around the Roaches regulator site. This is providing around 100ML per day into the main system, meeting Leeton Town supply needs and citrus critical winter water needs.

  • Main Canal refurbishment

Works are due for completion by 31 July. Selected works have been fast-tracked so that water can be ponded in parts of the network for critical winter watering needs.

  • Northern Branch Canal (NBC) expansion and relining

The NBC modernisation will effectively double the capacity of the Northern Branch Canal.

The next stage of this Australian Government funded modernisation program will involve the Sturt Canal, Benerembah Channel, Wah Wah, Warburn and Tabbita Systems.

The government funded works will include the modernisation of control structures and some channel restoration.

However, like the Northern Branch Canal (NBC) expansion program, there is opportunity for channel widening, replacement of smaller culverts and the inclusion of larger regulators along the system, which will significantly increase the capacity of these systems.

This would enable Murrumbidgee Irrigation to deliver more water and higher flow rates to better meet the needs of their farming operations.

While the modernisation works are funded by the Australian Government, any expansion works would be jointly funded by MI and customers.

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