ComAp controllers offer complete control, monitoring and protection of your application, whether it be a pumping application, compressor or other mechanical or electronic diesel/gas engine unit.

ComAp has both cloud-based software for fleet management and data acquisition, and PC based software offering complete system control.

With ComAp’s cloud-based system, WebSupervisor, you can benefit from being able to monitor your application remotely via a smartphone, laptop or tablet when used with a compatible ComAp controller.

With advanced software, you are able to automatic start and stop from an electronic device, monitor for efficiency and be provided with alarms if your application is not working at full efficiency.

WebSupervisor is designed for monitoring and controlling ComAp controllers via the internet.

With the WebSupervisor App, customers can have regular updates on their monitored application, alerting to operational problems, fuel status or unapproved use.

This enables operators to have information on their application in real time, which means the ability to solve and communicate issues immediately, improve response time of maintenance and minimise effects of any emergencies.

ComAp’s PC based software, InteliMonitor, supports several controllers and features a fully customisable SCADA system.

The PC monitoring tool acts as a complete system control that allows you to view your entire process on one page.

The InteliMonitor provides several benefits to the operator including the ability to browse controller history records, adjust setpoints, browse measured and computed values, receive active calls and online monitoring for a controller or site.

ComAp’s InteliMonitor allows the operator to have easy to use software to monitor their application.

This partner content is brought to you by ComAp. For more information about monitoring and protecting your application, contact ComAp Pty Ltd at

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