Improvements in 3G and 4G mobile network coverage, advancements in battery technology, low power electronics and cloud services have enabled the development of a new generation of devices that can be used to remotely monitor, control and log data from pumps and associated infrastructure.

ETM, one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of Industrial IoT cellular edge solutions, has released two products that exploit these new technologies, with the new family of cellular remote monitoring, alarming and logging solutions for analog and digital signals:

  • DeltaBlack optimised for industrial environments. DIN rail mount, wide DC operating voltage and flexible I/O configuration
  • DeltaBlue designed for outdoor remote deployment. Battery-powered, IP66 enclosure, GPS, vibration/movement detection and flexible I/O configuration

ETM ensured that simplicity and cost effectiveness were two key criteria in designing its new range. Recognising that deploying cellular or mobile network devices have often been a frustrating exercise for engineers having to deal with procurement, IT departments and having to select antenna, power supplies etc., these units come bundled with active Telstra SIM cards and are preconfigured for specific inputs such as temperature, current and vibration.

DeltaBlack and DeltaBlue connect to ETM’s IoT Cloud Dashboard (EWO) for real-time and historical data display. In addition, pre-set customised alarms can be simultaneously sent to multiple recipients as simple user-friendly SMS text messages direct from the device.

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