The new FX range by DAB includes four distinct models for various wastewater applications.

The range includes:

DRENAG FX: Draining pumps with rubber coverings that limit wear due to the presence of sand or abrasive particles. Suitable for draining environments prone to flooding where high head is necessary.

FXC: Pumps with an anti-clogging channel impeller. Suitable for drainage and the transfer of effluent and sewage water, containing solids up to 50mm with reduced long fibre content.

FXV: Pumps with a patented super vortex impeller. Increased performance without compromising the ability to work in the presence of large solids and long fibres guarantees a completely free passage.

GRINDER FX: Pumps with a high resistance stainless steel grinder system and suitable for the transfer of sewage water at high pressure or when narrow piping is needed to keep system installation costs down.

FX cross section: 1. Compact motors with high starting torques to reduce clogging 2. Double mechanical seal in the oil chamber completely protected from the pumped liquid 3. Anti-leakage resin sealed cable gland with fast connections 4. Delivery port, both threaded and flanged, to increase the flexibility of installation 5. Easy to access condenser compartment for inspection and maintenance 6. Anti-corrosion stainless steel motor shaft AISI 304 7. Cataphoresis and two-component coating to guarantee high resistance 8. Rubber disc for increasing stability of the pump in mobile installations

Design was carried out with absolute reliability and strength in mind. The double silicon carbide mechanical seals are entirely enclosed in the oil chamber to avoid direct contact with the pumped liquid.

The high standards of construction, including the motor shaft in anti-corrosion stainless steel AISI 304, the external cataphoresis, and two-component coating and the resin sealed cable gland, guarantee the long life of the range.

The new FX range also comes with new motors that are more compact than ever. Sized to guarantee high resistance to clogging and consistent performance.

The new, compact motors are designed to increase the starting torque and reduce the risk of clogging. Now more efficient than ever, they allow the FX pumps to run even when not fully submerged to permit complete emptying of the tanks.

The pumps in the FX range have a structure with three levels for quick access to all the main components, greatly facilitating maintenance.

The spare parts have also been unified and made universal for the entire range.

A focus on efficiency

The FX range tackles the issue of efficiency from every point of view. Advanced research into computational fluid dynamic analysis (CFD) has allowed DAB to improve performance in terms of efficiency and increase the capacity to manage sewage water.

The FX range comes with high energy efficient motors that permit lower power ratings, guaranteeing the same performance as a more
powerful pump.

The new Super Vortex impeller, patented by DAB, is an important development. Completely redesigned on the basis of research into computational fluid dynamics, the new impeller improves on the performance of the FEKA FXV pumps under all conditions, reducing motor consumption while still offering the benefit of a free passage the same size as the pump’s delivery port (50 and 65mm).

The new FX range is available with accessories to make the replacement of old models and system upgrades as easy as possible.

The reduced overall size, complete with threaded flange connection, makes installation even simpler. Thanks to its production capacity and its service network, DAB can guarantee the availability of the FX range worldwide.

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