The Western Australian government has approved an irrigated agricultural project at Mowanjum Station in the Kimberley region, proposed by the Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation.

The government has agreed to land tenure options that allow the corporation to progress with the new project.

The initiative is part of the Water for Food Land Tenure Pathway for Irrigated Agriculture project, which is made possible by the Government’s ‘Royalties for Regions’ program.

WA Lands Minister, Terry Redman, said the corporation could now proceed with plans to develop an irrigation precinct, feedlot and related infrastructure with the option for freehold tenure.

“The project will deliver significant economic and social benefits to the West Kimberley region,” Mr Redman said.

“The development of irrigated agriculture at Mowanjum Station will boost employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal people, promote greater social engagement and financial stability for the local community, and open the door to new export markets.

“Royalties for Regions is investing strategic initiatives to support Western Australia’s agricultural industry to ensure our regions remain sustainable for future generations.”

WA Water Minister, Mia Davies, said the success of a recent Water for Food irrigation trial at Mowanjum Station demonstrated the potential to further develop irrigated agriculture in the region.

“The trial showed the suitability of soils at Mowanjum Station for irrigated agriculture and that the corporation has the capacity to run intensive cattle operations on the station.

“This will pave the way for further investment and growth in the West Kimberley.”

Mowanjum Station is located 15km from Derby and is held as a pastoral lease by Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation.

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